Healthy with ionised water – this book shows you how and why this is so important.

Man is an aquarium! Like fish in an aquarium, the body cells swim in the lymph – but unfortunately hardly anyone cares about the quality of their own lymph the way an aquarist cares about the water quality in his aquarium.

So: changing the water instead of medication?

But which water is the right one? Which environment do the body cells need to stay healthy? Which importance has the acid-base balance for the health? What is “hyperacidity” really? What role do oxygen and hydrogen play? Are antioxidants a curse or a blessing?

In the “western” world, we spend more than 10% of the gross national product for the “treatment” of diseases. The largest part of this money goes for the so-called “civilization diseases”. Therefore, it shold be time to think about alternatives to the pharmaceutical-technical oriented medicine. And perhaps, like a good aquarist, changing the (body) water first, before drugs come into play, may be a good idea.

This book is a teaching, learning, practicing and working book for anyone who wants to understand their own body water and the importance of the lymph for their own health. It clearly takes a stand for a holistic view of the human being and explains why ionized water, which is widely used in Asia, becomes a personal fountain of youth.

Best order it now – this book is also a very good gift for people who want to rethink their health.

About the book

“Fountain of Youth Water” is a comprehensive guide to understanding water in general and ionised water in particular. The book describes the health and wellness benefits of ionised water that you can achieve by neutralising daily oxidative stress and alkalising the body through regular drinking of alkaline ionised water.

Dietmar Ferger, Environmental Engineer

Dietmar Ferger is an engineer, teacher and preventologist and has been professionally involved with drinking water, health, detoxification and holistic health prevention concepts for more than two decades. In 2002, he translated the book “Reverse Aging” by Sang Whang (†) into German and introduced ionised water in Germany. Since then he has been giving lectures and writing articles about ionised water and its health benefits.

As a member of the presidium of the German Society for Naturopathy, the oldest society of its kind in Europe, Dietmar Ferger is also a convinced advocate of naturopathic concepts.

In addition to an introduction to the latest findings in water science, a guide to a holistic understanding of the body, its organs and how they function, as well as naturopathic advice on improving health and preventing diseases of civilisation, this book not only contains an extensive FAQ section with answers to many questions asked over almost two decades, but also almost 50 colour illustrations and drawings for a better understanding of the topics. It also explains the history of ionised water, the development of water ionisers, their technical details and how they work.

Therefore, read this book and recommend it to others, because the benefits of ionised water for health and nature need to become even better known throughout the world.

About the first English edition

Some English-speaking friends convinced me to translate my book „Jungbrunnenwasser“, which has been sold in its German version up to now in nearly 20.000 copies and is now in its seventh edition.

Water is a fascinating element. Researching this topic for many years, I have met scientists who have been intensively involved with water for decades – and are still at the beginning of their research. Therefore, a book about water can only be a provisional appraisal and represent the current state of knowledge.

This book is about “ionised water”, a machine-made, functional water with properties that are very useful for nature and mankind.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi M.D., the Nobel laureate and discoverer of Vitamin C, wrote that “ageing symptoms … are always associated with a slow shrivelling of our living tissue, accompanied by damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS)” – we know today that alkaline ionised water permanently hydrates the body tissues and neutralizes ROS with gaseous hydrogen. So, it is certainly not presumptuous to call it “Fountain of Youth Water” … Soviet scientists who researched it before Perestroika even called it “The Water of Life“.

The ionisation of water is a “treatment” of water with technical or natural electric energy, being among the most significant developments in the diverse “water markets” since the development of reverse osmosis technology. It is interesting to note that the intense Soviet Russian research on ionised water was simply stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that the development in Japan and Korea led to technical perfection over decades without anyone in the West noticing. Except for a few lectures by Japanese scientists at international congresses, for a long time there were no scientific sources that were accessible without Japanese or Korean language skills.

In 1990, the book “Reverse Aging” opened the “Gate of Knowledge” for the English-speaking world. The author Sang Whang (†), an American engineer of Korean descent, was able to evaluate the original sources and embed them in a Western scientific context. I translated it into German and published it in 2002.

Since understanding the book “Reverse Aging”, I see it as my task to inform scientists, politicians, therapists and consumers about alkaline ionised water and its positive potential for the rehabilitation of our prohibitively expensive public health, for the prevention of increasing lifestyle and geriatric diseases and for the optimization of human health and zest for life.

Since 2003, we are drinking alkaline ionised water and, since 2016, hydrogen water. Our kids never wanted to drink Coke or other soft drinks and hardly needed any sick-leave from school.

Other users report success in the development of their health and performance, like cellulite disappearing within 4 weeks, bedridden patients becoming active again, high blood pressure or intraocular pressure going down, and far more.

Mainly Japanese studies have shown that alkaline ionised water and hydrogen water are not only simple and effective methods of prevention – if prevention is not only understood as a series of more or less meaningful vaccinations or preventive screenings for early detection of diseases –, but also supportive in the treatment of lifestyle and geriatric diseases.

Although alkaline ionised water and hydrogen water can be effective, simple and cost-effective means of health care and enhancing quality of life and performance, they are not (yet) recognized in the “western” medicine, as no studies accepted by the rules of the western scientific community have been carried out. It is therefore important to stress that the findings cited in this book are based on own or third-party observations, reports and conclusions, but not on studies recognized in “western” science.

Therefore, this book is not intended to replace a doctor or therapist who should always be consulted on acute or chronic conditions.

The ignorance of western science and society also has far-reaching consequences for nature and the environment, because the use of anolyte and catholyte in agriculture and animal breeding and also the use of anolyte as a highly effective and side-effect free disinfectant in hospitals and – as in the fight against the corona virus in China – in fighting epidemics would avoid the use of antibiotics and chemical disinfectants, which in the long term and persistently contaminate water, soil and the environment.

With this in mind, I wish you an interesting read with the request that you pass on or recommend this book to people who are interested in holistic health and preserving the environment. It is not without reason that most of the Korean and Japanese households nowadays are equipped with a water ioniser or another similar device for treating and enhancing their drinking water.

Dietmar Ferger
environmental engineer and preventologist

Table of Content

Preface by Professor Maximilian Gege
Preface by the author for the first English edition
The fairy tale of the Fountain of Youth Water

Chapter 1: Water, the Chemistry of Life
The Structure of Atoms
The Water Molecule
The polarity of the water molecule is crucial!
Hydrogen bonds enable our life
Water cluster
Weak compounds dissolve solid crystals
Water as a solvent
Water as information carrier
World history in a water drop
Water cycle and civilisation
Make water information visible
Healing with water information

Chapter 2: Biological correlations
Man is an aquarium
The lymph
The water”cycle” in the body of man
Transport”systems” in the body
Alkaline and acidic: the digestive system
Supply and waste disposal in the body cell
Water deployment in the body
Excursus: history of evolution
Recommendation: The order of food intake

Chapter 3: Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
Redox reactions in our body – fundamentals of life
Energy transformation
Vital oxygen
Too much of a good thing?
Free radicals and antioxidants
Redox reactions in nature and technology
Redox values of our foods

Chapter 4: Oxidative stress – the energy thief
Formation and action of secondary free radicals
Electrons are volatile
Antioxidants and Ageing
Antioxidants against oxidative stress
Electrosmog – more than just an electron robber

Chapter 5: Acid and alkaline – the pH value
Moody pH
Formation of acids and bases
Sour does not always act acidic
Chapter 6: Hyperacidity, a lifestyle disease
Buffer in our body
Hyperacidity is located in the lymph
The fairy tale of the protective acid layer of the skin
Enzymes and hyperacidity
Oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiration
Signs of hyperacidity – the disease spiral
The causes of hyperacidity

Chapter 7: Social consequences of the lifestyle diseases
The costs of the most important lifestyle diseases in US 2015
Lifestyle diseases with the highest death toll
How we can avoid diseases

Chapter 8: Ionised water
Studies and reports
Alkaline and acidic ionised water are functional waters

Chapter 9: The history of water ionisation
Development in Japan and Korea
Development in the Soviet Union
Development in Germany

Chapter 10: Electric water ionisers
What is alkaline ionised water?
What is acidic ionised water?
How does an electric water ioniser work?

Chapter 11: Reactions at the electrodes
Prerequisites for ionisation
Reactions in the cathode chamber
The production of catholyte
Reactions with hard water containing lime
Reactions in the anode chamber
The production of anolyte
Physical or chemical bases and acids?

Chapter 12: Alkaline mineral water ionisers
How does an alkaline mineral water ioniser work?
Selection and processing of the minerals
Differences in taste

Chapter 13: Physical Properties
The pH value
The redox potential
Small water clusters
Electrical Ionisation – A Summary

Chapter 14: Biological properties of alkaline ionised water
Chemical and physical bases or acids
Alkaline ionised water regulates gastric acid
Alkaline ionised water relieves the pancreas
Alkaline ionised water is an antioxidant.
Alkaline ionised water is energy water
Alkaline ionised water and antioxidant diet
Alkaline ionised water promotes a healthy intestinal microflora
Alkaline ionised water promotes blood circulation
Alkaline ionised water improves connective tissue
Alkaline ionised water stops tooth decay
Alkaline ionised water prevents rusting
Alkaline ionised water is oxygen-rich water

Chapter 15: Biological properties of acidic ionised water
Anolyte is an oxidizing and disinfecting agent
Anolyte in medical practice
Anolyte in animal and plant breeding

Chapter 16: Answers to frequently asked questions
Who can and should drink alkaline ionised water?
What should I bear in mind when drinking alkaline ionised water?
How can I determine the effect of alkaline ionised water?
How do I support the effect of alkaline ionised water?
Do I lose weight with alkaline ionised water?
Prof Vincent and Dr Walker recommend low-mineral water
The rH value
What is the difference between alkaline ionised water and dissolved alkaline mineral powder?
Is an alkaline diet better than taking alkaline mineral powders?
Is alkaline ionised water an isotonic drink?
What are the effects of alkaline and acid “water concentrates”?
What do urine and saliva pH values indicate?
What can acidic ionised water and anolyte be used for?
How can tap water be improved?
Decision guidance for the purchase of a water ioniser
Tips for handling electric water ionisers
Which drinking water treatment methods are available?
How do I select a drinking water treatment system?


Translated from German

Ionised water
Interesting book written in an understandable way
Jule on 3 March 2020

Alkaline water scientifically and application-technically explained here.
Partly scientific, partly application-oriented book with good information content. The difference between energetic and alkaline water with its mode of action is clearly explained here. Recommendable.
Amazon customer on Nov 13, 2019

Crystal clear easy to follow derivation of the topic …
… by means of relevant chemical, physical & biological basics!
Rarely been enlightened so clearly and holistically, about otherwise rather complex interrelationships.
A very clear and unreserved purchase recommendation from me!
Many thanks to the author!
no brain on 13 October 2019

One of the best water books
This book has helped me enormously on the subject of water. Many things have become much clearer to me and I have had to drastically rethink some of the things I thought were right! I especially like the section on acidification of the body! Most people don’t think about many of the points that Mr. Ferger lists here. I can only warmly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the topic of drinking water!
Courage to Resist (Youtube) on 28 September 2019

Basic knowledge for everyone!
For 11 years now I have been dealing with the acid-base balance, with minerals and base powders of all kinds. Until reading Dietmar Ferger’s book, I thought I had comprehensive knowledge on the subject. But the author taught me that there was still a crucial gap.
First of all, the book wonderfully describes the basic biochemical and biophysical acid-base metabolic processes in the body in a way that is not normally found in any reference book. The different modes of action of alkaline and acidic active water are described and show why both are useful. The effect of acidic active water, which should be used externally, is close to that of ozonised water or hydrogen peroxide. The alkaline active water is intended for internal use and can slowly lead the body back towards its initial alkaline state as it prevails in the womb. Hence “Fountain of Youth Water”.
At the end of the book, the various technical approaches to water ionisation are discussed in detail. You can buy devices for 2000 EUR, but you can also build simple devices yourself with little money and a little skill. The latter would then be a matter for internet research – the book does not go into this.
The material covered is so important that I have resolved to read the book a second time.
218 on 11 January 2018

100% reading recommendation or purchase recommendation!
100% reading recommendation or purchase recommendation! This wonderful book gave me a new and deeper understanding of water, the effect of water in the human body and in particular: the effect of ionised water (other common terms in this regard are: “Alkaline Water”, “Hexagonal Water”, “Alkaline Active Water”, “Water of Life”). My life was changed for the better by reading this book, because now I only drink filtered alkaline water and my health is much better as a result. Dietmar Ferger has the rare gift of being able to explain even complex interrelationships and details on the subject in an excellent and easy-to-understand way, thus enabling the reader to see through the jungle of water filter providers and their contradictory sales philosophies. After reading the book, I knew – after a long research and search – which type of water filtration is ideal for me personally. I can recommend this book without reservation (100%)!
F. on 7 April 2016