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Fountain of Youth Water
Fountain of Youth Water

The book “Fountain of youth water” is avialable in three English language editions and in the German edition as paperback and E-Book.

You may order the KDP Paperback Edition with the ISBN 979-8-62285014-1 directly at Amazon, also available as Kindle E-Book!

You may also order the printed Ingram Spark edition with the ISBN 978-3-910637-00-9 at your local bookstore – please help to buy from your local bookstores, since they are important and they struggle to survive.

In case you need more than 10 copies for your organisation or as a gift, you may contact us directly for a quotation.

Due to the different sales concepts of Amazon and Ingram Spark (the Books-on-Demand company which makes it possible to print and sell books all over the world), the prices between the two editions will differ slightly, depending to your country.

Soon you will be able to oder the E-Book edition with the ISBN 978-3-910637-01-6 an any well sorted E-Book-Store.

Jungbrunnenwasser von Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Ferger
Jungbrunnenwasser von Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Ferger

In case you want to oder the printed German edition with the ISBN 978-3-9810897-5-2, you may do it directly here or at any German, Swiss or Austrian bookstore.

The German E-Book is avialable with the ISBN 978-3-9810897-9-0 also here.

Pricing policy

You may wonder why the English language books are more expensive than the German version.

This is mainly because in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the book prices are fixed and the logistics is very efficient, therefore, the “overhead” for distribution and marketing is much lower than in most of the other countries in the world. Furthermore, the printing prices also differ.