We have all seen Chinese forces in Chinese cities using tankers to disinfect streets, cars, clinics and people. We have seen Russian forces in Italy using tankers to disinfect roads, clinics and people on a large scale. But no one asks: what are the contents of these tankers? What are the means used for large-scale disinfection in China and Russia (and many other countries as well)?

To answer this question, please find here some pages from the book “Fountain of Youth Water” at your free disposal. It is in fact hypochlorite HOCl, also called “anolyte” or “Hozzelwasser” (from “HOCl”) by a well-known holistic medical doctor, i.e. electrochemically activated (salt) water, which – similar to sodium hypochlorite NaOCl – is a very effective disinfectant, virtually free of side effects, easy to produce and environmentally friendly.

It is absolutely incomprehensible that even in view of the problem of the widespread spread of the Covid 19 virus and the effort that is being made to reduce the risk of infection, this environmentally friendly, cheap and highly effective method is not used in the so-alled “western world”. Instead, alcohol-based or even more dangerous chemical organic disinfectants are used, which not only have side effects but can also damage the environment and water bodies.

In clinics, too, area-wide, permanently installed disinfection with hypochlorite anolyte – for example, via spray nozzles on the ceilings of corridors and sickrooms – should become standard. After all, this is practised in Russia, for example, with the effect that multi-resistant germs are not a problem there, from which many 100.000 people die every year in “western” countries.

But read the corresponding pages from the book “Fountain of Youth Water” here: