Table of Content

Preface by Professor Maximilian Gege
Preface by the author for the first English edition
The fairy tale of the Fountain of Youth Water

Chapter 1: Water, the Chemistry of Life
The Structure of Atoms
The Water Molecule
The polarity of the water molecule is crucial!
Hydrogen bonds enable our life
Water cluster
Weak compounds dissolve solid crystals
Water as a solvent
Water as information carrier
World history in a water drop
Water cycle and civilisation
Make water information visible
Healing with water information

Chapter 2: Biological correlations
Man is an aquarium
The lymph
The water”cycle” in the body of man
Transport”systems” in the body
Alkaline and acidic: the digestive system
Supply and waste disposal in the body cell
Water deployment in the body
Excursus: history of evolution
Recommendation: The order of food intake

Chapter 3: Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
Redox reactions in our body – fundamentals of life
Energy transformation
Vital oxygen
Too much of a good thing?
Free radicals and antioxidants
Redox reactions in nature and technology
Redox values of our foods

Chapter 4: Oxidative stress – the energy thief
Formation and action of secondary free radicals
Electrons are volatile
Antioxidants and Ageing
Antioxidants against oxidative stress
Electrosmog – more than just an electron robber

Chapter 5: Acid and alkaline – the pH value
Moody pH
Formation of acids and bases
Sour does not always act acidic
Chapter 6: Hyperacidity, a lifestyle disease
Buffer in our body
Hyperacidity is located in the lymph
The fairy tale of the protective acid layer of the skin
Enzymes and hyperacidity
Oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiration
Signs of hyperacidity – the disease spiral
The causes of hyperacidity

Chapter 7: Social consequences of the lifestyle diseases
The costs of the most important lifestyle diseases in US 2015
Lifestyle diseases with the highest death toll
How we can avoid diseases

Chapter 8: Ionised water
Studies and reports
Alkaline and acidic ionised water are functional waters

Chapter 9: The history of water ionisation
Development in Japan and Korea
Development in the Soviet Union
Development in Germany

Chapter 10: Electric water ionisers
What is alkaline ionised water?
What is acidic ionised water?
How does an electric water ioniser work?

Chapter 11: Reactions at the electrodes
Prerequisites for ionisation
Reactions in the cathode chamber
The production of catholyte
Reactions with hard water containing lime
Reactions in the anode chamber
The production of anolyte
Physical or chemical bases and acids?

Chapter 12: Alkaline mineral water ionisers
How does an alkaline mineral water ioniser work?
Selection and processing of the minerals
Differences in taste

Chapter 13: Physical Properties
The pH value
The redox potential
Small water clusters
Electrical Ionisation – A Summary

Chapter 14: Biological properties of alkaline ionised water
Chemical and physical bases or acids
Alkaline ionised water regulates gastric acid
Alkaline ionised water relieves the pancreas
Alkaline ionised water is an antioxidant.
Alkaline ionised water is energy water
Alkaline ionised water and antioxidant diet
Alkaline ionised water promotes a healthy intestinal microflora
Alkaline ionised water promotes blood circulation
Alkaline ionised water improves connective tissue
Alkaline ionised water stops tooth decay
Alkaline ionised water prevents rusting
Alkaline ionised water is oxygen-rich water

Chapter 15: Biological properties of acidic ionised water
Anolyte is an oxidizing and disinfecting agent
Anolyte in medical practice
Anolyte in animal and plant breeding

Chapter 16: Answers to frequently asked questions
Who can and should drink alkaline ionised water?
What should I bear in mind when drinking alkaline ionised water?
How can I determine the effect of alkaline ionised water?
How do I support the effect of alkaline ionised water?
Do I lose weight with alkaline ionised water?
Prof Vincent and Dr Walker recommend low-mineral water
The rH value
What is the difference between alkaline ionised water and dissolved alkaline mineral powder?
Is an alkaline diet better than taking alkaline mineral powders?
Is alkaline ionised water an isotonic drink?
What are the effects of alkaline and acid “water concentrates”?
What do urine and saliva pH values indicate?
What can acidic ionised water and anolyte be used for?
How can tap water be improved?
Decision guidance for the purchase of a water ioniser
Tips for handling electric water ionisers
Which drinking water treatment methods are available?
How do I select a drinking water treatment system?