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Ionised water
Interesting book written in an understandable way
Jule on 3 March 2020

Alkaline water scientifically and application-technically explained here.
Partly scientific, partly application-oriented book with good information content. The difference between energetic and alkaline water with its mode of action is clearly explained here. Recommendable.
Amazon customer on Nov 13, 2019

Crystal clear easy to follow derivation of the topic …
… by means of relevant chemical, physical & biological basics!
Rarely been enlightened so clearly and holistically, about otherwise rather complex interrelationships.
A very clear and unreserved purchase recommendation from me!
Many thanks to the author!
no brain on 13 October 2019

One of the best water books
This book has helped me enormously on the subject of water. Many things have become much clearer to me and I have had to drastically rethink some of the things I thought were right! I especially like the section on acidification of the body! Most people don’t think about many of the points that Mr. Ferger lists here. I can only warmly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the topic of drinking water!
Courage to Resist (Youtube) on 28 September 2019

Basic knowledge for everyone!
For 11 years now I have been dealing with the acid-base balance, with minerals and base powders of all kinds. Until reading Dietmar Ferger’s book, I thought I had comprehensive knowledge on the subject. But the author taught me that there was still a crucial gap.
First of all, the book wonderfully describes the basic biochemical and biophysical acid-base metabolic processes in the body in a way that is not normally found in any reference book. The different modes of action of alkaline and acidic active water are described and show why both are useful. The effect of acidic active water, which should be used externally, is close to that of ozonised water or hydrogen peroxide. The alkaline active water is intended for internal use and can slowly lead the body back towards its initial alkaline state as it prevails in the womb. Hence “Fountain of Youth Water”.
At the end of the book, the various technical approaches to water ionisation are discussed in detail. You can buy devices for 2000 EUR, but you can also build simple devices yourself with little money and a little skill. The latter would then be a matter for internet research – the book does not go into this.
The material covered is so important that I have resolved to read the book a second time.
218 on 11 January 2018

100% reading recommendation or purchase recommendation!
100% reading recommendation or purchase recommendation! This wonderful book gave me a new and deeper understanding of water, the effect of water in the human body and in particular: the effect of ionised water (other common terms in this regard are: “Alkaline Water”, “Hexagonal Water”, “Alkaline Active Water”, “Water of Life”). My life was changed for the better by reading this book, because now I only drink filtered alkaline water and my health is much better as a result. Dietmar Ferger has the rare gift of being able to explain even complex interrelationships and details on the subject in an excellent and easy-to-understand way, thus enabling the reader to see through the jungle of water filter providers and their contradictory sales philosophies. After reading the book, I knew – after a long research and search – which type of water filtration is ideal for me personally. I can recommend this book without reservation (100%)!
F. on 7 April 2016