About the book

“Fountain of Youth Water” is a comprehensive guide to understanding water in general and ionised water in particular. The book describes the health and wellness benefits of ionised water that you can achieve by neutralising daily oxidative stress and alkalising the body through regular drinking of alkaline ionised water.

Dietmar Ferger, Environmental Engineer

Dietmar Ferger is an engineer, teacher and preventologist and has been professionally involved with drinking water, health, detoxification and holistic health prevention concepts for more than two decades. In 2002, he translated the book “Reverse Aging” by Sang Whang (†) into German and introduced ionised water in Germany. Since then he has been giving lectures and writing articles about ionised water and its health benefits.

As a member of the presidium of the German Society for Naturopathy, the oldest society of its kind in Europe, Dietmar Ferger is also a convinced advocate of naturopathic concepts.

In addition to an introduction to the latest findings in water science, a guide to a holistic understanding of the body, its organs and how they function, as well as naturopathic advice on improving health and preventing diseases of civilisation, this book not only contains an extensive FAQ section with answers to many questions asked over almost two decades, but also almost 50 colour illustrations and drawings for a better understanding of the topics. It also explains the history of ionised water, the development of water ionisers, their technical details and how they work.

Therefore, read this book and recommend it to others, because the benefits of ionised water for health and nature need to become even better known throughout the world.